"Where partnering with the best is just the beginning"

Based in Dallas, Texas, Danick Resources was founded on the fundamental principles of working with the most sought after and respected leaders in the oil and gas industry to develop and produce hydrocarbons in the most efficient and timely manner possible.  Our areas of operation currently include Texas, Oklahoma and Alberta Canada. Danick Resources offers oil and gas investment opportunities through direct participation programs.  Direct participation or working interest programs allow savvy, accredited investors the opportunity to partner with Danick Resources in domestic oil and gas drilling programs.

Danick's exploration and extraction projects are focused on generating profit through further production on existing and proven oil and gas leases. Danick's production operations help fulfill our nations oil and natural gas demands, lessening our dependency on foreign oil.

Our worldwide production operations are currently focused in North America.  Danick Resources primary goal is to increase the production of acquired properties through a combination of advanced drilling, completing and fracking technologies of proven oil and gas zones, eliminating the guesswork usually associated with oil and gas drilling. Danick Resources does NOT WILDCAT for the simple fact, it is safer for us and our partners not to.  

Our mission at Danick Resources is not to be proficient at just one element of the oil and gas industry, but all elements of the oil and gas industry. We will become involved in both midstream and downstream operations by 2015. With a proven management team coupled with years of multi faceted experience in exploration, pipelines, and refining, you will be glad you chose Danick Resources, to be your oil and gas partner and opportunity provider.

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